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SVN Clean up Command       Share
2008-12-17 |  MalathiVanaraj  | Viewed: 9328  |    0


svn cleanup


svn cleanup — Recursively clean up the working copy.


svn cleanup [PATH...]


Recursively clean up the working copy, removing locks resuming unfinished operations. If you ever get a “working copy locked” error, run this command to remove stale locks and get your working copy into a usable state again. 

If, for some reason, an svn update fails due to a problem running an external diff program (e.g. user input or network failure), pass the --diff3-cmd to allow cleanup to complete any merging with your external diff program. You can also specify any configuration directory with the --config-dir switch, but you should need these switches extremely infrequently.

Alternate Names



Working copy

Accesses Repository



--diff3-cmd CMD
--config-dir DIR


Well, there's not much to the examples here as svn cleanup generates no output. If you pass no PATH, “.” is used.

$ svn cleanup

$ svn cleanup /path/to/working-copy


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